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WirelessOne Tank plus EZ Mount

Air Lift
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Single Path Wireless System with EZ Mount, Remote and Tank


WirelessOne Compressor, Tank & Controller System.

Complete standalone unit

With AirLift's new WirelessOne Compressor and Tank System you'll have all the air that you need. It will automatically control the air pressure in your air bags to your preset pressures as well allowing you to fill your tires, operate air tools and whatever else you can imagine. The EZ install bracket makes it quick and painless to install. The single-path air system means that both of your air bags will always be at equal pressures.

Never be out of air again with the WirelessOne Tank and Compressor System

  • Compatible with all Air Lift air spring kits and most other brands,
  • 2-gallon black powder-coated auxiliary air tank,
  • Auxilary air hose with universal air chuck,
  • Controller with graphical display with up to 3 user-defined presets,
  • Free app allows for control from a compatible smart phone,
  • Weather-resistant and corrosion-proof manifold,
  • Single-path control for quick inflation and deflation,
  • 2-way wireless communication allows for built-in diagnostics,
  • Automatic low-pressure monitor and leak detection for air springs,
  • Heavy-duty 444c compressor with 110-145 PSI pressure switch,
  • EZ Mount bracket reduces installation time by up to 1 hour,
  • Black powder-coated steel mounting bracket with integrated manifold,
  • EZ Mount includes a U-bolt for an easy and drill-free attachment to the frame rail for most applications