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We're here to provide consumers with the best quality AirLift Company air ride overload kits and air bags. This site is organized by air bag kits designed and made specifically for the make and model of your truck. We have air bag helper kits for GMC Sierra, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram and Ford F-150 and F250 / F350 Superduty trucks and Toyota trucks and popular car models.

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At AirBagKits.ca we're your home to all your air overload bag kit needs. We are an Authorized Airlift Company Dealer in Canada and sell to retail and wholesale customers. We take pride in selling all of Airlift Company's best Air Bag Kits and Overload Kits, to all Canadian customers. The high quality Air Overload Kits are sure to meet all of your towing and hauling needs. Airlift Company is second to none in customer support and offers great warranty and customer service on all of their Suspension Air Bag Helper Kits, Air Springs, Air Compressor Systems and other load support products. With an Airlift, Air Bag Kit you can tow and haul with safety and comfort. You can rest assured that when you buy a quality Airlift Company's, Air Ride Suspension, kit or Suspension Overload Kit from us, that the product and our customer service will meet all of your expectations.