Truck Lowering Kits

Lowering Your Truck the Right Way – The Best Lowering Kits in Canada

It’s fairly common practice these days to lower your truck. But, modifying your truck’s suspension can come with risks if you’re not careful. And cosmetic only lowering can lead to damages to components in your car. But, you can find quality aftermarket suspension kits that make the lowering process easier and safer for you.

Here’s a quick overview about lowering your truck and finding the best lowering kits in Canada.

Benefits of lowering your truck:

What’s the main reason most of us lower our trucks? For the style and visual impact of course. Yes, a lowered truck comes with a more sporty and stylish look. But, it also has practical uses as we note below.

  • Reduce the roll centre and improve traction

When you reduce the distance between the chassis and the ground, you also reduce the roll centre of the truck. The advantage of this is that the weight transfer from one side of the truck to the other is improved. With less weight transfers, you get better traction because the pressure is distributed more evenly on all four tires.

  • Enhance Performance and Fuel Economy

A lowered truck creates better aerodynamics with less air passing under the vehicle. This means you will experience less drag when driving and this will directly enhance your vehicle’s performance as well as improve your fuel economy.

  • Better handling

This comes with the reduced roll and improved traction. You can often get a better handling of your truck if it’s at a lower ride height.

Buying your first lowering kit

Lowering can be done using springs or coilovers. How they achieve the end result of the lowered truck is different. Some people may try quick fixes to lower a truck such as changing the spring or torsion mounting points or shortening the coil springs. Unfortunately, these approaches, though cheap, will ultimately result in damage to the truck and can even leave the truck unsafe to drive.

So, it’s important to lower your truck the right way using a quality lowering kit designed for aftermarket suspension modifications.

Choosing a lowering kit

You need to choose the lowering kit based on the type of results you want. If you’re unsure of how to match the truck lowering kit with what you want, then you can send us a message over here at Super-Bee Truck Accessories. (We specialize in truck accessories, so you can rest assured we can help to guide you through the process of identifying a lowering kit for your truck).

The lowering kit should also have all the parts and pieces you need to achieve the look you want. And when it does, you’ll also see the benefits in alignment, safety, and performance.

Where to get quality lowering kits in Canada

Finding quality aftermarket suspension kits is easy to do in Canada. For example, we stock genuine parts from the leading lowering kit manufacturers like:

  • Belltech

  • MaxTrac Suspension

  • McGaughys

  • DJM Suspension

When you’re ready to lower your truck the right way, order your lowering kit from The Drop Shop here in Canada. As Canada’s largest retailer for Belltech and MaxTrac Suspension lowering kits, as well as stocking McGaughys and DJM Suspension lowering kits, you’ll be sure to find what you need.

If you need advice on the type of kit you need and guidance on installation, can help too. So, get your Lowered Suspension kits from Belltech, DJM Suspension, or McGaughys here.