Air Spring Kits

An air bag suspension leveling kit is a proven way to reduce or eliminate the sag on the back of your car, truck or van. Air ride suspension will help with many factors concerning how your truck or SUV handles when hauling heavy loads, towing a trailer or just driving down bumpy gravel roads.

An air bag kit will provide support for the back of your vehicle by the use of air pressure. You can increase the pressure to provide more lift or reduce the pressure when you don’t have a load on so that you can smoothen out the ride.

An AirLift kit will generally install between the leaf springs and the frame of your car, truck or SUV and will assist with the load by helping the leaf springs. Keep in mind that load support does not increase your load carrying capacity, it just provides you with a better ride by reducing suspension sag. Your actual load carrying capacity is still the same as is stated in your owner’s manual or on the placard inside your door jamb. Some people think that they can increase their vehicles GVW by installing air bags but that is not true.

If your vehicle uses rear coils instead of leaf springs, like late model Dodge Ram pickups, then the most common solution is an AirLift 1000 kit. These kits are easy to install and slide up inside the airbag to provide support. Keep in mind that this design means that as you add air you aren’t actually lifting your vehicle as the bags are meant to support the coil spring, not to expand it. Ideally you should add air to the system before you put the load on it so that the bags are the most effective. You can then fine tune the air pressure to achieve the desired ride height. There are also hundreds of different AirLift 1000 series air bag kits for most cars dating back to the 1960’s.

AirLift RideControl series of air bags are a light duty air overload system for trucks that need a boost when towing a small trailer or carrying a load. They are rated at 1000 pounds per bag so 2000 pounds total load support and are a great solution for those that need a bit of boost in the back of their truck. The sleeve style air bags make them less expensive and easier to install in a lot of cases.

For those people that use their trucks for heavy duty hauling and towing then you will probably want to invest in a LoadLifter 5000 series which can give you 2500 pounds of load support be air bag. This extra lift should take you very close to your maximum capacity and keep your truck level. There are also upgraded LoadLifter 5000 air bag kits that include the Ultimate kit that has an internal bump stop so that you can run them with no air in them without causing damage to the air bag. And the top of the line kit is the LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus which has the internal bump stop as well as stainless steel air lines to round off your top of the line kit.

And for the One Ton truck owners AirLift recently introduced the LoadLifter 7500 XL kit which can provide up to 7500 pounds of lifting capacity on one ton trucks. Using oversize air bags for the additional air bag support this kit is the heaviest kit on the market and can provide the most lift available. If you drive a one ton truck and carry a heavy load then a set of AirLift 7500XL series air bags are what you need.

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