About Air Bag Suspension Kits

We at Super-Bee Truck Accessories (this websites parent company) are proud to bring you the best in air bag kits. We offer many suspension kits that will level your truck, improve handling while towing or hauling a heavy load, and as a result, improve tire tread wear performance and ride comfort.

If your truck is already lowered take a look at our SlamAir product. The SlamAir Kit will help level your lowered truck's suspension and is available with On-Board control (See our Air Compressor Systems).

The RideControl Kits will help level your truck when carrying medium capacity load of up to 2000 lbs; and is air adjustable from 5 to 100 PSI (See our Air Compressor Systems). It is designed to fit most 1/2 ton and mini pickup, fullsize and minivans and SUV's.

If you have a truck which sees a lot of hauling or towing then you want to check out the LoadLifter 5000 Series of products. The LoadLifter 5000 has a load leveling capacity of 5000 lbs and fits most 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton and 1 ton pickups and vans with leaf springs. As an added bonus many of our kits offer a No-Drill installation procedure; the LoadLifter 5000 is no exception.

LoadLifter 7500 XL, the heaviest air bag kit available. This kit is design for 3/4 and 1 ton trucks and gives up to 7500 lbs of load leveling capacity. The available volume in the 7-inch double-bellows, air springs give you greater leveling power at lower pressures. It's the perfect balance of lift and ride.

Why would I want an Air Lift System?

To Prevent Squat: Proper weight distribution to all tires improves steering, braking and tire wear. This is especially important while towing.

Prevent Squat

For Proper Headlight Aim: Only level and stable vehicles provide safe and proper headlight aiming — critical for night driving safety.

Headlight Aim

Improved Braking and Steering: Front tires account for the majority of braking and steering. Air springs ensure that weight is properly distributed to all four tires for optimal braking and steering.

Braking and Steering

To Prevent Bottoming Out: Air Lift springs restore normal ride height when heavily loaded or towing, reducing suspension wear and eliminating crashing on bumps.

Bottoming Out

To Prevent Rough Ride: Air Lift’s progressive spring rate soaks up bumps, keeping tires on the road for better handling.

Increase Ride Comfort

To Control Body Roll: Air springs increase spring rate and vastly improve vehicle stability. Less roll means a safer and more comfortable ride.

Body Roll

To Reduce Trailer Sway: When towing a trailer, air springs permit precise vehicle height adjustment for exact alignment, reducing trailer sway.

Trailer Sway