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5000 pounds of lifting capacity, internal bump stop and stainless steel lines

The Air Lift internal, jounce bumper helps to absorb shock even with zero air pressure! And who doesn't want stainless steel parts? Especially when they protect your system from the road's rage.

Air Lift Company's, LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus, air bag kit eliminates harsh jarring on rough roads is maintenance-free, safely run with zero air pressure, replaces factory jounce bumper and provides three-stage ride comfort. As this is Air Lift's Ultimate Plus kit, what more could one ask for? Our air springs, beef up your existing suspension to boost your safety and comfort when hauling massive loads.
Features: 2 ULTIMATE air springs with stainless steel roll plates and air spring attachment hardware, 2 five-foot braided stainless steel air lines, 2 Schrader valves which easily thread onto the included air lines, 2 military-grade AN-style elbow fittings for a leak-free connection to the air springs, All necessary mounting brackets, All of the hardware needed for installation.